Presentation of the collected melodies

„Shades of Love 1“

for the piano and keyboard (synthesizer)
11 melodies



Noten-Sammlung „Liebesnunacen-1“


The song melodies presented here are written together

with the poetess Veronika Pyatchenko

Owing to relative complexity of some introductions, and the rhythm is sated with syncopes,
It is  good to consider that the pupils will be able to work with the eighth (more rare the sixteenth), triplets, and will be able to play these melodies.
Generally it is fine material for development of feeling of the  rhythm, and harmony.


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1. Love Holiday

Love Holiday

mp3 Video
2. Blues of the Rain

Blues of the Rain

keine mp3 Video
3. Remember me

Remember me

keine mp3 Video
4. Condemnation


mp3 Video
5. Love Blames

Love Blames

mp3 Video
6. Autumn Love

Autumn Love

mp3 Video
7. Farewell to Love

Farewell to Love

mp3 Video
8. A Love Moment

A Love Moment

mp3 Video
9. One Minute before Parting

One Minute before Parting

mp3 Video
10. A Stupid Mistake

A Stupid Mistake

mp3 Video
11. A Drop of Love

A Drop of Love

mp3 Video

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  • MP3 records
    They are demonstrative versions without any arrangement, that means they were played on the keyboard so that the listeners can have an idea about the character of the song, its melody, rhythm and harmony. It’ll also be easier to play the melodies using the notes.
    This is the aim of the “Video” records. You can also see HOW it’s played and make sure that it’s less complicated than you think when you hear.
  • Video
    This video is designed to help.
    The video will show you, by sound and vision, how it is not difficult to play the piece.
    This recording will help you to study the melody easily, as I have actually slowed down my playing to make it easier to understand.