Musical scores „for piano“

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Title Author It is possible to play  on a synthesizer Mp3 Video Buy
1. Maple of Rag (Ragtime) Scott Joplin Yes
2. Sensational Groove (Jazz Motive) unknown


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3. Rhythm and Harmony (Jazz Motive) unknown/Arr.: A. Wagner


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Harmonie und Rhytmus eng


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  • Harmony and rhythm
    Whilst teaching the students in my musical school ,my friends showed me a basis of this playlet, : one played the first slow part, and the second the second part, fast. Who is the author- I don’t know.

    I managed to make 2 finales in the first part, thereby having connected it with the second, and in the second part completing an ending ,since the 33rd step. One quite interesting playlet turned out in a jazz style . I, of course, wrote it down in the notes.

    Unfortunately despite all my attempts to find the authors, I didn’t manage it. I didn’t want to leave them out. My pupils enjoy playing them Therefore I also decided to add all of these notes.

    If authors are known, I will be very glad to get acquainted with them, and discuss any questions which perhaps will arise.

  • Rhythm miracle
    Whilst Teaching a student in my musical class, one of my friends showed me this playlet. I don’t know if it’s his work, or not.

    If he is the author , I will be very glad to get acquainted with him, and discuss any ideas or questions which perhaps will arise.